Piano services, from the home to the concert stage.



Nothing improves the experience of playing the piano more than a good, solid tuning. A finely tuned piano allows the strings to vibrate in sympathy, dramatically increasing the instrument’s resonance. William Harold has over 35 years’ experience tuning pianos in every conceivable venue, and can make your piano sing.

Piano Tuning - $175 (including small repairs)
Repairs beyond 15 min - $25 / 15 min

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Regulation is the minute adjustment of the working parts of a piano’s action to maximize both its power and sensitivity. Matters such as touch and balance are addressed, as well as the ability for the action to repeat notes rapidly and articulate phrases according to the artist’s best ability.

Regulation, original parts - $750
New parts, please request a quote.

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Voicing, or tone regulation, is the ability to alter the shape, hardness, or softness of a hammer’s felt to change the way it excites a string when struck. Special care must be given to all of the hammers of a piano to ensure that it has a beautiful tone that is also even and balanced across the entire keyboard.

Voicing - pricing varies with the condition of the hammers.

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